Christchurch also known as the garden city, is well known for its wealth of parks and gardens. After the earthquake of 2011 the city is being rebuilt and will continue through 2017 and into the future.

We have come up with a list of places you should check out when you are in Christchurch.


The Christchurch Art Gallery

The art gallery is located on Montreal St and is open from 10 to 5pm daily. It is located in a glass building which houses and impressive collection of New Zealand Art. It has a contemporary structure and is the headquarters for the New Zealand Civil Defense national and local teams.


The Canterbury Museum

This museum showcases pro-european history with a fine selection of decretive vintage art with costumes from that era. The museum also has a space dedicated to the exploration of Antartica.


The Botanical Gardens

This is a truly amazing demonstration of the cities gardening heritage with glasshouses, tropical and sub tropical floral display along side of native selections of flora and fauna. This is considered one of the worlds top garden displays with an enclosed loop of the avon river. The park also includes a golf course and tennis courts if you are looking to enjoy some sports which you visit the area.


Port Hills & The Banks Peninsula

Further out in the suburbs you can find countless streets of Christchurch's real estate. To the south is an area called Port Hills which has a clear geographic advantage over the cit, the elevation lifts the area above the city. Summit road gives tremendous views across the city and terrain of the southern alps. There are extensive walking tracks along the peninsula you can explore with family or friends. One of the most well know attractions of this area is the Gethsemane Gardens. With numerous plant species on display it is well worth the look.



Just northwest of the city beyond the suburbs is the area of Fendalton and Merivale. This place offers man attractions such as the International Antarctic Centre which celebrates Christchurch's history and its icy explorations of the Ataractic landmass. It gives visitors to experience Antarctic temperatures as well as a chance to explore a real life show cave and snow mobile. You can also check out the Little Blue Penguin Encounter which is a place to view man of the smallest penguins, be sure you get in at the right time to view a live feeding session!


The Banks Peninsula

If you have time to head south you should check out this area with many mountains and lakes, it offers a wilderness glance of the landscape and a way to escape the city lights. There are some exotic nuts and herbs grown in the area, giving you the chance to taste some of the authentic food of the region.



When you make it to the french influenced area be sure to seek our Diamond Harbour, Okains Bay and the Okuti Valley. These places are fertile and unspoiled. Nonetheless the french influence on the area has been spruced up with small streets with names like Rue Jolie and a charming colonial style. You can take a look at the Akaroa Museum and St Patricks Church on Rue Lavaud. It is a very charming building with a noteworthy window display on the east wall.


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