Many companies in Ranfurly / Naseby rely on a company website to inform tourists in the area of service or products they provide. The easiest way to portray this is through a website that looks great we work with many platforms including Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Xero accounting to create a worthy website for your business.

When you visit the area you will have to come to to grips with the sense of grandeur and space as the natural light freezes the velvet folds of the amazing mountain ranges, with the pastoral valleys, and the perspective of the Maniototo plain.

Discover the obscure old gold  mining townships of Naseby, St Bathans and Pateroa. This area can illuminate when you notice the 1930's art deco architecture of Ranfurly. This area has a great outlook on life and sports by hosting the ancient game of curling in Naseby a great game for all ages. This give an oversight into finding a secluded spot for fishing while you reflect on the day.

Don't miss out on the following:

  • Spend a day cycling and save a mental picture of the beautiful trails of Naseby
  • Take a trip down memory lane and inspect the Gilchrist general store of Oturehua
  • Explore and survey thee conservation park of Oteake

Roxburgh Web design

Roxburgh is a smaller city which can rely on web design to attract and inform visitors and tourist traveling into the area. If you are looking to sell services online we could suggest Magento or WordPress with wooCommerce. If you are looking for just a great looking website we would work with Joomla or WordPress. All of our designs work with desktop and mobile to suit the current viewer trends.

Roxburgh lies alongside the Clutha Mata-au river which will give you a peek of the Teviot Valley which was once created by the Roxburgh Dam. Settlers began farming this area in the late 1850's and then from this perception of money the gold miners soon arrived. This vivid oversight of the mining era left behind historic relics and streets named after Scottish borders.

The area reflects on local produce of fruits and vegetables and allows local visitors to taste a selection of ice creams alongside of fruit and vegetable juices. While you observe the area you can choose to go fishing along the Clutha and trout fishing in the high country.

As you notice the beauty of the area you should take time to experience the new cycling and walking trails on the Clutha gold and Roxburgh gorge. You can be assured the area will reveal and portray a journey of discovery.

Done miss out on

  • Purchase fresh fruits from roadside stalls, in summer and early autumn
  • Get one of the local Jimmy's Pies, one of the most famous pies well know in New Zealand
  • Check out Pinders pond and plainly swim until your heart is content