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New Zealand's largest city is situation at the tip of the North Island and is known by the name of Auckland if you are looking to get started with selling online check out Items eCommerce Web Design Auckland. Auckland is an eclectic, open spaced wonderful city with great views of the harbour and city landscape. In a way it is sometimes referred to as a smaller version of Sydney. The area surrounding the Auckland is a mountainous environment, with a varied terrain that contrasts evenly against the harbour views and amazing beaches. Auckland is also referred to as the city of sails.

Auckland boasts many major attractions such as the iconic sky tower, the Auckland harbour bridge and Rangitoto island which has the largest Polynesian population in the world. The climate of auckland is superb with a great summer climate with a wonderful associate of food and shopping. Many businesses who are already established in Auckland may be looking to get online to sell products and services.

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If you are heading outside of the city looking for entertainment you can leave your options open and expand your repertoire even more by exploring the attractions outside of the city CBD. Take note to visit local attractions such as the Waitomo caves, the real hobitton where lord of the rings was filmed just a few hours south of the city. Regardless if you want to experience the urban lifestyle or take in some of the scenery Auckland has a lot to offer to tourists supported by local business.



If you planning to visit Auckland take a look at the top 5 tourist attractions.

Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World  – Tamaki Drive, Auckland, NZ

This place is situated just outside of the CBD area and provide an outstanding aquarium experience which holds the only collection of sub-antarctic penguins and other aquatic wildlife you can take a peek at. Many of the exhibitions here are interactive and allow you to lear and get involved with the history of each species and your stroll through the wildlife sections of the aquariums. To see the penguins swimming with each other in an effigy of there natural environment is a sight to see.


Auckland Museum – The Auckland Domain, Auckland, NZ

This is one of the more affordable attractions in Auckland where you cant go wrong with the comprehension tours of New Zealand history and iconic displays of the culture and War time history. It blends both Maori and European influences which keeps your enthralled in culture and history.

The Pacific Island collection provides an insight into the unique history of the Maori people with their artistic reflection on life and the proud heritage of the culture. Polynesian artifacts are placed in a large section of the museum ground floor area with canoes, carvings, tools and tradition dress examples.


Auckland Zoo – Motions Road, Auckland, NZ

The largest wildlife exhibit in New Zealand can be viewed at the auckland Zoo. Once you step foot into the Zoo you can take a map and walk your way around the attraction. There are many animals to see such as giraffes, rhino's, lions though the most anticipated attraction is the New Zealand Kiwi.

The Kiwi is an elusive bird which rarely can be seen and prefers the night to hunt for food. The Auckland Zoo allows you to see this birds up close if you are lucky enough to spot one. The auckland Zoo is always improving their displays and ensures family and friends have a fun day out to explore the attraction.


Mount Eden – Auckland, NZ

The claim to fame on this attraction is the highest peak on the mainland in auckland with the views from the top of the peak allowing you to oversee the city and surrounding suburbs. The summit is 200m above sea level which gives the perfect spot for any budding photographer to get a panoramic view of the area.


Auckland Harbour – Curran Street, Auckland, NZ

The harbour side of Auckland is quite impressive with a wide bridge lane for traffic, many restaurants and small cafes. Auckland has its reputation for being the city of sails and walking through the harbour reflects this ideal giving you a sense of the vibrant city. If you choose you can clim to the top of the bridge which gives you a direct view of the entire city, the marina, CBD and beautiful blue water ocean side.