This area is a deep sea port town with an amazing harbor and an industrial presence, it is home to many class works and oil refineries. At the core of the city you can view the waterfront and the town basin area with draws in visitors from long distances who travel the world on yachts. The area has many cafe's and fine dining restaurants with local artisans displaying there work.

You can take a look at the molten glass which is transformed into glass blown vases. While here you can take a look at the Clapham's National Clock Museum which has an amazing selection of clocks for display with over 1500 clocks from the dating back to the 17th century.

At Mount Parahaki take a scenic drive up the mountain tfor views of Bream Bay and the Hen and Chicken Islands which has falls of rushing water of more then a height of 25 meters.

The native bird recovery center is also worth taking a look at while you browse through the restaurants and swimming areas of the city for a beautiful day out with friend or family members.

The road out to Tutukaka coast offers some real gems which is now a busy port devoted to recreational water fishing, water skiing and a well developed picnic area to spend the day in the sun.

The Poor Knight Islands has some of the best fishing and diving sports in New Zealand. The islands are contrasted to the spectacular marine reserve which holds the worlds largest sea cave called Riko Riko. It is a sight to see with lichen and moss covering the inside with colourful parades of fish that can be seen swimming around the mouth of the cavity.

All around this area is an amazing place to visit if you enjoy snorkeling, fishing and relaxing by the water.

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