This place is a part of the central north island which is a one of the places you can view the thermal wonders of New Zealand, with forrest and green pastures. Many people visit this area for the amazing fishing, camping sites and swimming spots.

The is one of the major holiday spots for international visitors and locals in New Zealand. Rotorua is located on a volcanic rift and is based near the great Lake Taupo.

Many visitors will spend their time soaking up in the hot mineral waters, which has known to have healing properties, which is Rotorua is also known as a spa town. You can utilize this therapeutic if you have arthritis or rheumatism as the baths are known as a treatment for this as a healing process, you can even just soak it up and enjoy a relaxing day.

At the north end of the town is the Government Gardens which its tudor style bath houses, built in 1908. It also houses the Rotorua museum which contacts many exhibitions, fascinating displays and a variety of different hydrotherapy treatments from over a century ago.

If you get the change you can take a look at the Blue Baths which are situated in a Spanish building with non-thermal fresh water pools you can take a dip in to relax during the day.

If you would like to see more of the nature side of things you can explore the Mokoia Island Wai Ora in the middle of Lake Rotorua, which is home to one of the rarest birds in New Zealand, the North Island Robin.

There are geysers in the area, also known as Whakare-Warewa. The Pohutu geyser stands at a height of over 30 meters and has guided tours which include viewing the art institute and the mud pools.

Near this area lies the Whakare-Warewa Thermal Village which inhabits bubbling mud pools and hot thermal springs. For many generations the local Maori people have used the thermal waters for cooking, washing and heating. You can take a guided tour of the area with many cultural performances held in the area.

If you are looking for something more extreme you can take a look at the Agrodome Adventure Park which has many thrilling rides and a free fall skydiving stage which recreates the sensation of the thrill of skydiving. There are also boat rides and the Swoop which is a combination of bungee jumping and jet boar racing. You can be raised 100 meters through the air at 130kph!


Lake Taupo

This is New Zealand's largest lake and was formed by volcanic eruptions from over one thousand years ago. It is now famous for fishing, especially the rainbow trout. It is a popular spot for local fisherman, along side of this it also offers boat and kayak tours with many restaurants and accommodation areas if you would like to explore the area for more then one day.

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