Art deco Napier and Hastings are two cities which make up Hawke's Bay. Napier is a city on the sea with a population of 70,000 which hastings is a more agricultural town. Both of these cities are thriving areas which are very popular as a tourist destination.

Napier has a large collection of Art Deco buildings in the inner city with elaborate motifs and pastel colours, the people of the cit are ver proud of the architecture and heritage. Building owners are encouraged and known to restore the facades and have done some in a sympathetic fashion. Napier's Art Deco trust is a visionary group established in 1985 which organised a bunch of activities and daily walks providing information to local and international visitors. If you get the chance in February the Art Deco weekend is held where the entire town seems to step back in time to the 1930's.

The County Hotel is a well known attractions which is based on the Victorian-Edwardian classical style of architecture. While in the area take a look at the Marine Parade which holds a collection of gardens, sculptures and fountains to showcase for local visitors. There is a local statue called the Statue of Pania, which is based on a maori legend of a maiden who fell in love with a young chief but later lost her life and that of her child to the sea.

Also on the parade is the National Aquarium Museum of New Zealand which is housed in a stingray shaped building which holds the most species then any other museum in New Zealand.

Residential Napier Hill overlooks the city center, it has many fine victorian homes with a maze of twisting and narrow streets to give the area its national charm.

Hastings as it is know to the locals as the “fruit bowl of New Zealand” having a warm climate and pure water from an underground aquifer, it is known as one of the most important apple growing regions in the world. The also grow other forms of fruit such as apricots, peaches, plums and kiwi fruit.

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